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William and Stanley's STEAM Academy inspiring tamariki to explore, create and learn

In a world where innovation and problem-solving skills are more critical than ever, William and Stanley's STEAM academy is leading the charge in bringing STEAM learning to every school in Aotearoa, starting as young as 5 years old. They deliver in-school, after-school and holiday programmes for all students to discover a love of STEAM.

Reducing barriers to access

At the heart of their mahi is a commitment to removing barriers related to access to STEAM education, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to explore, create, and learn. Their programme has its roots in supporting harder-to-reach tamariki – those in lower socio-economic areas, rural communities, and homeschool settings.

One of the key aspects of their programme is reducing teacher workload by handling all the planning and coordination, allowing teachers to focus on what they do best – teaching. Their high-quality content embraces a strength-based approach, recognising that each child is unique and brings with them an array of existing knowledge and creativity. They understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work, and that's why their classes are tailored to unleash the potential within each student, teaching STEAM through Coding, Robotics, Design, Electronics, Engineering, and Programming. The "A" in their STEAM programme matters, too.

“The inclusion of Arts in STEAM education is vital for fostering cultural enrichment, preserving our nation's rich heritage, and nurturing a sense of cultural identity, inclusivity, and well-being; positioning our tamariki to contribute meaningfully to the diverse challenges of the future.”

Expanding influence through families and caregivers

Recently, William and Stanley's STEAM academy hosted a forum in Pukekohe, Auckland along with STEAM Alliance Aotearoa to educate parents on the incredible benefits of STEAM learning and raise awareness about the potential dangers of persuasive media on young minds. William and Stanley’s STEAM academy understands the crucial importance of bringing whānau along on this learning journey, particularly as parents have a key role in supporting their children’s interests and managing their interactions with technologies. They invited parents to share their questions and concerns about STEAM, to better understand how teachers and providers can support ongoing learning at home.

The STEAM academy programmes seek to instil cyber-safety and computational thinking in students, as these play a pivotal role in moulding them into creators rather than mere users of technology. This emphasis on developing a computational mindset is a key element in preparing students for a future shaped by rapid technological advancements.

photo collage of STEAM academy students

Be part of the action with STEAM academy

Being NZ-based and proudly locally owned and operated, William and Stanley's STEAM academy understands the unique needs of our community. Their collective vision is to equip students with global-level tools for learning STEAM, empowering them to thrive in the rapidly evolving world while standing proud in their unique identity.

The annual STEAM programme is available starting from as little as $7.90 per student per week, ensuring that quality education is within easy reach for every child in Aotearoa.

To explore the possibilities of integrating the STEAM program into your school community or to sponsor a school near you, contact William and Stanley's STEAM academy today.

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