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A Practical Guide to STEM Community Engagement in Aotearoa

STEM Alliance Aotearoa is proud to release the ultimate guide to STEM community engagement. 

For too long, science learning has been confined to classrooms. Many of our young people are leaving school without a clear vision of a STEM career pathway, or the skills they will need to fill Aotearoa New Zealand's STEM-related jobs. There is significant potential for the STEM business sector to connect and collaborate with educators, to show young people the value of science and technology in their communities.

In this book, we present an easy-to-use, research-based guide for effective STEM community engagement. This is an invaluable resource for all community engagement facilitators, educators and STEM professionals wanting to know how they can work better, together. It is packed full of insights, activities and tools to help you on your STEM engagement journey.

Order a hardcopy today for only $45 NZD each + $11 shipping (within NZ), using our order form below. Books will be printed on demand and dispatched to you by the team at Te Hononga Akoranga COMET (a STEM Alliance partner). 

All STEM Alliance business members who join in 2023 will also receive a free copy of the STEM Book and curated advice for your organisation, so enquire today about a paid membership!  

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You can also download a FREE PDF copy of the book below. Please note this E-book resource is for personal use only and should not be duplicated and/or distributed without consent from STEM Alliance Aotearoa and Te Hononga Akoranga COMET. 

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