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STEM Alliance partners

Are you an organisation wanting to create positive social impact, but don't know where to start? Do you want to help inspire and grow the next generation of STEM champions?

STEM Alliance has known for a long time that educators cannot do it alone. Businesses and STEM role models can play a huge role in making STEM visible, accessible and aspirational to young people.

We believe that long-term partnerships can achieve powerful social and educational outcomes. We partner with businesses that are passionate about STEM and investing in our communities. Our goal is to treat each partnership individually, working in alignment with your organisation's unique vision, mission and values. Typically, a partnership includes financial support as well as employee involvement in STEM initiatives (facilitated by or connected via STEM Alliance).

How STEM Alliance can support your organisation

STEM Alliance makes community engagement easy.  With an expert-led, outcomes-focused process and connections to a wide array of opportunities for your staff, we can create a solution that suits your organisation's goals. Our partnerships help organisations to save time, make connections and be recognised for their STEM community engagement efforts.

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